Observatory Tower- Bathroom and Ensuite Renovation

Observatory Tower, Kent St Millers Point
8 weeks

Bathing in the clouds. Stylish contemporary bathroom and ensuite.

Scope: Bathroom and Ensuite Renovation

Stand out feature: Integrated self-closing customised shower screen

Interior Designer: CB Interiors

Photography: Faces By Glow

Collaborate with consultants
Certifications- Building Practitioner (Class 2)


I own and operate an interior design business and, in the course of my work, have worked with Tony and the team from TE Build on many occasions.

I have always found TE Build's work to be of the highest standard and they apply the same rigour and attention to detail be it a small, simple project or a complex renovation of a prestigious residence.

The manner in which the TE Build team conducts themselves means they receive a lot of repeat business.

As testament to their work, they have just completed renovating my own home.

Claire Beavan, CB Interiors
Claire Beavan
McMahons Point
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A.B.N: 13615673124
Builder's Licence: 305372C

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